Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grand Rapids, Michigan – First Days as a Midwesterner

Last Friday, I woke up to my first Friday as a Midwesterner. The most exciting part of the morning is I woke up to snow flurries! The sad (but probably good part) was that the snow didn’t stick, the good part was it was still warm enough that the snow didn’t stick.

I think I am secretly holding out hope that the weather will be mild like it was all last winter, but even if the temperatures now are “mild” I am still freezing. That being said, the sweaters that I thought would at least last me into part of the winter are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being warm enough. So, that set the tone for our first few days in Michigan.

Looking for sweaters and couch shopping. Exciting life right?

So that is how we spent our first few days in Michigan. Couches and sweaters.

And then there was this!

I know I have been trying to eat healthier and keep on the healthy lifestyle kick, but sometimes, you just have to indulge yourself! And man, sometimes those indulgences are WORTH IT! Yesterdog in Grand Rapids is, from what I understand, a city institution. You cannot go to Grand Rapids and not eat at Yesterdog. Hot dogs, steamed buns, loaded with goodness. Amazing! 

Another first? Going for a run outside in weather under 40 degrees. That was interesting, the cold air made it harder to breathe, layering up makes you get hotter faster and I found it harder to get into a running grove…

Jason’s mom lives really close to a college in Grand Rapids with a gorgeous cross country running course for their school, so we got to take advantage of it on our run. It was absolutely gorgeous.

After three days of boring people with our European vacation photos, catching up with friends and family and getting a chance to relax after spending a week in the car, it was suddenly time to pack up and head to Chicago to get our apartment keys and get to life in the big city!

Needless to say, it was reallllly cold the morning we woke up to drive to Chicago. There’s nothing like coming out to a car covered in frost. I will say, everything covered in frost is absolutely beautiful.

We were then in the car, headed back to Illinois to finally see the place we were going to live, check out our new neighborhood and start our new life!

The drive took forever but went by fast at the same time. Before I knew it we were paying the toll (which paying a toll on a road that is NOT a bridge is still weird to me.. think toll plaza in the middle of a freeway) for the Chicago Skyway and headed towards the future.

At this point, it was Monday afternoon. Our truck was to arrive the following day to deliver all of our boxes so we could feel like we had a real place to live with real furniture.

Everything was happening so fast. After two years of waiting, we were finally moving to Chicago!   

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