Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 3 - Cheyenne, Wyoming to West Des Moines, Iowa

Night two we stayed at the super fancy Little America Hotel. Seriously fancy. I mean you have to be if you have a penguin in your lobby!

In all seriousness though, Little America was pretty awesome. If you ever find yourself in Cheyenne, Wyoming, be sure to check it out. It's a one stop shop for gas, snacks and a place to stay. 

Cheyenne was exactly what I expected. On our quest to find Starbucks on the way out of town, we drove around the area near the state capital it was small town America. The little motels around there had the neon signs exactly like you would expect them to – totally non-PC Indian signs and mom and pop liquor stores that have long closed.

After grabbing coffee from bunny ear wearing baristas (Happy Halloween!) we got back onto I-80 and kept forging our way east through Wyoming. Just like on Day 2, we were only 45 minutes away from the border when we stopped, so it was a quick jaunt to Nebraska. 

Nebraska is flat. It goes on and on and on. Flat. For miles. And Miles. Basically multiply this photo by six hours. And there you have Nebraska.

Time changes in Nebraska – from Mountain Time to Central Time. My phone changed, Jason’s didn’t. This wasn’t a big deal until we tried to get lunch in Cozad at the Green Apple Diner. Unfortunately, they are only open until 2 PM, which is when we got there. Jason’s phone said 1. We were just mainly looking forward to the pie that had reviews on Yelp. Maybe next time.

Unfortunately for us, Green Apple Diner was a non-fast food place that we were both looking forward to. After two full days of driving, we are sick of burgers and fries and fried chicken and fast food. We are on FAST FOOD OVERLOAD. I seriously feel ill from eating it for three days. I am not quite sure how truckers can handle driving with limited food options like there are. I miss vegetables. And salad. And vegetables. And drinking water. Which I haven’t done. Rest stops are few and far between in much of the west on I-80, therefore I have been avoiding my normal water consumption. I know, that is probably TMI. Sorry!

Another thing about being in the car for the past 2 days is we’ve realized how much radio stations play the same songs OVER AND OVER. Today was the day of Rihanna’s new song Diamond or something like that. Jason has declared it is “not one of his favorites”. We must have heard it at least five or six different times between Nebraska and Iowa. The other thing we have realized is that there is an abundance of religious radio station out here in God’s Country. We listed to a woman today who has prisms in her house to ward away evil spirits. The solution? Prayer of course! And ridding her house of Ouija boards.. Go figure.

While we were spending our day in the car, many of my friends were attending today’s Championship Parade in honor of the San Francisco Giants’! I am sad I couldn’t be there today, but I appreciate all the pictures you all shared on Facebook and instagram. I was with you in spirit – reppin’ the Giants’ all the way here in Nebraska! And obviously avoiding the crowds. I think there were more people at the parade yesterday than live in the entire state of Nebraska. 

After too many hours, we finally made it through Omaha, Nebraska and into Iowa!

I mean it when I say this – Iowa has smelled like cooking bacon since we entered the state. BACON. Also, there were strange pockets of fog in the fields as we drove down the freeway. Maybe it was from the cooking bacon!

The sun unfortunately set not too long after we got into Iowa, so we didn’t get to see too much of the lad, but I have a feeling that we will have plenty of time to see the country side today.

We got into West Des Moines, Iowa around seven and enjoyed a quick dinner at Macaroni Grill. Can’t say it was our favorite, but we really just wanted to avoid another meal of burgers and fries.

We will hopefully be in Grand Rapids, Michigan by tonight. Where I plan on eating lots and lots of vegetables. And exercising.

Until then!  And for those of you who want to see a few more photos that might not make the cut here – follow me on instagram! My  username is Thatgirllandon 

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